Killing cycle of the elements:

hostile images bring misfortune energy…

Having sad or hostile images on the walls of your home or office can bring misfortune. … These emanate hostile chi very quickly.

Staircases should not start or end directly facing the following features or rooms:

Keeping the energy of rooms dynamic from year to year

… it is exceedingly good luck to welcome in a new piece of furniture or a large enhancement… … anything that is noticeable and affects the chi energy of the room. … The introduction of one new signature piece should be accompanied by the removal of another piece. … …  In this way the energy of the room rejuvenates from year to year.

Rearrange your decor at frequent intervals…

This encourages chi energy to move, preventing it from stagnating … rearranging furniture is particularly beneficial because it re-channels the patterns of chi energy, reflecting its dynamic nature and attracting new cosmic energy into your home.

keep a picture of a beautiful YOU on your dressing table…

In time you will find your own self-image becomes even more positive than the vision of yourself on your dressing table. This is because you are working on both your physical appearance and inner spiritual strength.