1. First and Foremost
  2. Step 1: D is for Definition
  3. Step 2: E is for Elimination
  4. Step 3: A is for Automation
  5. Step 4: L is for Liberation

Some quotations:

Top 13 New Rich mistakes…

  1. Losing sight of dreams and falling into work for work’s sake
  2. micromanaging and emailing to fill time
  3. handling problems your outsourcers or co-workers can handle
  4. Helping outsourcers or co-workers with the same problem more than once, or with non-crisis problems.
  5. Chasing customers, particularly unqualified or international prospects, when you have sufficient cash flow to finance your non-financial pursuits
  6. answering email that willnot result in a sale or that cna be answered by a FAW/auto-responder
  7. working where you live, sleep, or should relax
  8. Not performing a thorough 80/20 analysis every 2 - 4 weeks for your business and personal life
  9. Striving for endless perfection rather than great or simply good enogh, whether in your personal or professional life
  10. blowing a minutiae and small problems out of proportion as an excuse to work
  11. Making non-time-sensitive issues urgent in order to justify work
  12. Viewing one product, job, or project as the end-all and be-all of your existence.
  13. Ignoring the social rewards of life