Some extracts:

Fundamental applications of Feng shui:

  1. Clear away all clutter
  2. Never face a corner or a wall
  3. Add plants, grouping them in 3s whenever possible
  4. Arrange the furniture in your space so that the flow is free, you can walk around everything
  5. Use wind chimes outdoors where you can hear them occasionally attract strong, healthful chi
  6. Choose artwork accessories for your office that appeal to you personally
  7. Fish, bird, fountains

thinking out of the proverbial box

Take off your watch for a day. Listen to classical music if you’re used to alternative rock. Read the newspaper if you ever don’t. Go hear live jazz if you don’t like it. … …  Free yourself u[ for one day this month and don’t tell anybody

becoming wireless…

if you haven’t a clue as to your wired versus wireless tendencies it’s probably because you have become completely accustomed to being reactive.


Journalling can and should take a multitude of shapes and colours, literally. Experiment with unique ways of archiving your thoughts. Your reward will become opportunities quite frequently, openings of mind and insight that you had never perceived before.