Points of power

Tricks of leadership:

  1. Challenge assumed constraints
  2. Celebrate your points of power
  3. Collaborate for Success

Perhaps your greatest weakness is not realizing your own power Ask yourself 2 questions about the goal of performing:

  1. what is your level of competence?
  2. what is your level of commitment?

4 development continuum

  1. Enthusiastic Beginner stage: Low Competence -high commitment ? you need directing
  2. Disillusioned learner stage: low some competence - Low commitment ? you need coaching
  3. Capable but cautious Performer stage: Moderate high competence variable commitment ? you need supporting
  4. High Achiever: high competence - high commitment ? you need delegating


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To increase your competence to achieve a goal you need from someone who will:

- Set a clear goal

To build your commitment to achieve a goal you need from someone who will:

- Listen to you - Praise and encourage you - Facilitate your problem solving - Ask you for input - Provide rationale (remind you why you’re doing it) - Share information about their experiences relevant to the goal - Share information about the organization relevant to the goal