The tao…

  1. The Tao that can be named, is not the eternal Tao
  2. When the world understands that beauty is beautiful, ugliness will exist.
  3. When rare things are not assigned a value, the thief has no reason to steal them.
  4. The best of the best is like water. Water is beneficial to everything and it does not demand anything for itself in return.
  5. What we look at and do not see is called simplicity. What we listen to and do not hear is called rarity. What we clasp and do not catch is called delicateness.  
  6. The greatest rulers are the ones whose existence the people do not notice at all
  7. In order to reduce something, it must first be expanded. In order to weaken something, it must first be strengthened. In order to drop something, it must first be lifted.
  8. Superior virtue is not aware of being a superior virtue
  9. Non-existence can penetrate the hardest of all.
  10. The greatest perfection looks flawed
  11. Not knowing what one know is the best
  12. the person who shows courage in daring will perish. The person who shows courage in a lack of daring will live.
  13. He who knows does not speak.