Some annual paychecks of CEO from financial institutions… interesting!

cattle rancher and the dairy farmer

Capital Gains vs Cash Flow Simply put, a cattle rancher can be compared to a person who invests for capital gains. a dairy farmer is more like an investor who invests for cash flow. One of the reasons so many people lose so much money investing or think investing is risky is because they invest like ranchers. They invest to slaughter rather than to milk.

rich people are evil or greedy?

In 2003, Ray Kroc’s wife, Joan passed away. The business they built has spread across the world, provided millions of jobs and has made many people rich. More than rich, Joan Kroc was known for her generosity. It is estimated that she donated billions of dollars to worthy causes and charity. When i hear people say rich are evil and greedy, I often ask them to read the story of McDonalds.

the differences..

the cashflow quadrant…

what investors do…

  1. earn/create
  2. manage
  3. leverage
  4. protect
  5. exit