Art of War for Women

date Sep 16, 2008
authors Ching-ning Chu
reading time 1 min
  • Book Title: The Art of War for women - Sun Tzu’s ancient strategies and wisdom for winning at work
  • Author: Ching-Ning Chu
  • My Comments: I liked this book… short and to-the-point! Very applicable!

Some extracts:

Tien (personal timing):

  1. know who you are
  2. blossom where you were planted
  3. find a fresh perspective
  4. understand your liabilities and assets
  5. Change your circumstances
  6. on the other side of your strengths lies your weaknesses


  1. if a colleague is jealous of you, appear less threatening than you are to avoid her assault…
  2. Don’t show off
  3. Be careful of radical ideas
  4. Do not feign stupidity
  5. deception has 2 natures: one is offensive, the other is defensive

strategies for overcoming office jealousy…

  1. give the illusion you are outside the pot - keeping your opponents in the dark. Just as crabs can pull on only those crabs that are within the same pot, people can direct jealousy toward you only if you allow them to become close to you. The closer a person is to you, the more likely she will able to harbour destructive thoughts about you. So be sure to keep a mental and physical distance from the aggressive crabs around you.
  2.  Slap her twice the first time she steps out of line. Keep your plan as dark as the night. When you love, be as unpredictable as the thunderbolt.
  3. Support a coworker Support a junior colleague.
  4. learn to pick the sweet fruits from the tree of office jealousies When the offender cannot afford you no matter how she tries, you have taken the fun out of her vicious game and all the power out of her soul. This is the best strategy to manage office jealousy