Gift Wrapping

date Jul 22, 2007
authors Kunio Ekiguchi
reading time 1 min
  • Book Title: Gift Wrapping - Creative Ideas from Japan
  • Author: Kunio Ekiguchi
  • Year written/published: 1985
  • Summary: This book has great illustrations on how to wrap boxes, gifts, bottles and cards in a really creative manner following the Japanses crafts method.
  • My Comments: I’m a complete sucker for art and crafts books… this one’s simply simple and brilliant at the same time :P

The art of gift wrapping - tsutsumi…

Tsutsumi encompasses many areas not included in the Western concept of wrapping… … … The wrapping style illustrated by these examples is not a tight, hermetic seal, but a loose, flexible covering or shading.

papers used…

  1. Light weight paper: cellophane, crepe paper, tissue paper, some washi, any thin almost transparent paper
  2. Medium weight paper: most wrappeing paper, typing paper, stationery, pages from magazines, newspapers
  3. heavyweight paper: thicker paper, including some wrapping paper, paper used ofr art posters, momi-gami
  4. cardboard: includes any heavy card stock such as that used for shoe boxes and other commercial packing.


Furoshiki is a unique piece of material used to wrap and carry objects of all shapes and sizes. Its corners are drawn up and knotted into a makeshift handle.