H+ - a new religion

date Jan 29, 2009
authors Edward de Bono
reading time 1 min
  • Book Title: H+ - A new Religion
  • Author: Edward de Bono
  • Year written/published: 2006
  • Summary: A new religion H+
  • My Comments: A light-hearted book describing a new religion H+ and its various aspects
  • Some extracts:

H+ Human+ Happiness+ Humour+ Help+ Hope+ Health+ belief…

Many religions have a belief in the supernatural. This may be a belief in God or in supernatural forces. Some ask for a belief in many gods. in H+ there is only a belief in the potential of yourself and in the potential of your fellow human beings. H+ sets a framework for the development of this potential. You can belief that you ca act in a certain way or that you will eventually be able to act in this way.

How is H+ different?

Most religions focus on avoiding sins and wrongdoing. .. There is no intrinsic belief system in H+ expect the belief in yourself – not necessarily as you are but as you can be. At the same time a any belief system belonging to another religion is fully acceptable. This is unlike most religions that do not tolerate other belief systems.


The value of ritual is that it involves self-discipline and belonging. The ritual is pointless in itself so the doing of it is purely a matter of discipline and the willingness to do it. It is an active affirmation of your belonging. The ritual is a visible signal to yourself and to others that you belong, on some way, to a group. Each time you carry out the ritual you are saying to yourself, “I belong”.