Imaging for Women

date Jul 13, 2007
authors Sharlyn Stafford
reading time 1 min
  • Book Title:Imaging for Women- Colour, Style and Make-Up
  • Author:Sharlyn Stafford
  • Year written/published: 2003
  •   My Comments: I really liked this book… loads of pictures and graphics for easy explanation and whole nature is really candid and short :)
  • Contents Pages:
  1. You and your image
  2. Image Perception
  3. Dressing to Influence
  4. Dress for your Audience
  5. Colour Imaging
  6. Style Imaging
  7. Accessories
  8. Hair Styles
  9. Make-Up
  10. Skincare
  11. Wardrobe Inventory
  12. Your Image of Success

Common mistakes women make in business dressing…

  1. dressing glamorously
  2. dressing poorly or too casually
  3. dressing sexily
  4. dressing to look like men

Some wardrobe and colour attitudes…

  1. We wear only 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time
  2. Some colours appear to be more common in our wardrobes
  3. We keep each of our outfits in a matching set and always wear it in the same combination
  4. Our wardrobes comprises mostly of our favorite colours
  5. We rarely organise our wardrobe in order of colour
  6. There are some colours which we totally ignore or avoid

The Colour chart.. i loved this bit! >

  • SPRING: Famous Springs:  Claudia Schiffer, Meryl Streep
  • Colours:Green, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Grey, Red, Pink, Apricot, Ivory, Brown
  • SUMMER: Famous Summers: Cindy Crawford, Elizabeth Hurley
  • Colours:Green, Yellow, Purple, White, Grey, Blue, Pink, Dusty Rose, Red, Brown
  • AUTUMN: Famous Autumns:Nicole Kidman, Sarah Fergusan
  • Colours: Green, Purple, Blue, Red, Ivory, Apricot, Yellow, Orange, Brown
  • WINTER: Famous Winters:Joan Chen, Naomi Campell,
  • Colours:Green, Brown, White, Ice, Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Pink, Grey

and i seriously didn’t know this… the order of make-up… :P

  1. Concealer
  2. Foundation
  3. Powder
  4. Contour
  5. Blush
  6. Eyes - Brows, Base colours, Crease Colour, Lid, Liner, Mascara
  7. Lip liner
  8. Lipstick

And about Basic Skin Care applying treatment…

  1. Cleansing
  2. Toning
  3. Moisturising
  4. Lubricating
  5. Conditioning
  6. Exfoliating
  7. Protecting
  8. Treating
  9. Masks