Loire Valley Eyewitness Travel

date Feb 4, 2008
authors Jack Tresidder
reading time 1 min
  • Book Title: Loire Valley Eyewitness Travel
  • Author: Jack Tresidder
  • Year written/published: 1996
  • Book Source: Google Books, Library
  • Summary: Travel guide to the Loire Valley region of France
  • Some extracts:

Loire Valley

This fertile land was once the playground of kings and their courts, who left behind a trail of magnificent chteaux ranging from exuberant Renaissance to Classical grandeur.


  • Anjou– Saumur and Abbaye de Fontevraud, Regal Angers
  • Touraine – Renaissance Chateuax, Tours, Delicious red wines
  • Blesois and Orleanais – Chambord, Medieval towns
  • Berry – Remote rural villages, Gallo-Roman Bourges
  • North of the Loire – Cathedral city of Chartres
  • Loire-Atlantique and the Vendee – Nantes, Marais Poitevin

Artechture features:

  1. Basilica
  2. Clerestory
  3. Buttress
  4. Flying Buttress
  5. Portal
  6. Tympanum
  7. Vault
  8. Trasept
  9. Crossing
  10. Lantern
  11. Triforium
  12. Apse
  13. Arcaade

Dynasties of the Loire Valley

  1. Merovingians
  2. Carolingians Dynasty
  3. Capetian Dynasty
  4. Valois Dynasty
  5. Bourbon Dynasty

town of Tours:

The medieval old town, Le Vieux Tours, is full of narrow streets lined with beautiful half-timbered houses. Now sensitively restored, it is a lively area crammed with little cafes, bard, restaurant that attract locals as well as tourists.