Magic Ladder of Success

date Sep 5, 2008
authors Napolean Hill
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  • Book Title: Magic Ladder to Success
  • Author: Napolean Hill
  • Year written/published:
  • Book Source: Google Books, Library
  • Contents page:
    1. The master mind
    2. a definite chief aim
    3. self-confidence
    4. habit of saving
    5. initiative and leadership
    6. imagination
    7. enthusiasm
    8. self-control
    9. habit of doing more than paid for
    10. pleasing personality
    11. accurate thinking
    12. concentration
    13. cooperation
    14. profiting by failure
    15. tolerance
    16. practising the Golden Rule
    17. habit of health


Years before it became a reality, the late John Wannamaker saw, in his own imagination, in practically all its details, the gigantic business which now bears his name and despite the fact the he then without the capital to create such a business, he managed to get it and to see the business he had dreamed of in his mind become a splendid reality

6 basic fears are:

  1. fear of criticism
  2. fear of ill health
  3. fear of poverty
  4. fear of Old Age
  5. fear of the loss of love
  6. fear of death