Mein Kampf (Vol.1)

date May 16, 2007
authors Adolf Hilter
reading time 3 mins
  • Book Title: Mein Kampf (My Struggle)
  • Author: Adolf Hitler
  • Year written/published: 1924
  • Summary: Hitler wrote his beliefs and outlook on various issues like state, government, nationalities, war, race and how and why he has grown these strong beliefs within him. -Contents page: This book is actually divided into 2 volumes. Volume 1 - Home of my parents, years of study in Vienna and his Political reflections there, Munich, World War, War Propaganda, Revolution, Start of political activities, German Labour Party, Race and People etc.
  • My comments: You can read them all here to get a tiny glimpse into why he did it all. This book is a mixture of his autobiography in the start and then later he goes on to explain how his ideologies arose and finally some of his hard beliefs on race, state, war propaganda etc.

Some extracts:

He went to Vienna to study arts and architecture and he passionately wanted it

To study it was for me not work, but pleasure. I could read or draw until the small hours of the morning without ever getting tired. And i became more and more confident that my dream of a brilliant future would come true, even though i should have to wait long years for its fulfillment. I was firmly convinced that one day I should made a name for myself as an architect.

the 2 perils he discovered in Vienna

It was during this period that my eyes were opened to 2 perils, the names of which i scarcely knew hitherto and has no notion whatsoever of their terrible significance for the existence of the German People. These 2 perils were Marxism and Judaism.

And he finally found the link between the 2 perils… the Jews

I gradually discovered that the Social Democratic Press was predominantly controlled by the Jews. … … … From the publisher downwards, all of them were Jews. I recalled to mind the names of the public leaders of Marxism, and then i realised that most of them belonged to the Chosen race. … Everywhere the same sinister picture presented itself …  One fact became quite evident to me. It was that this Alien race held in its hand the leadership of that Social Democratic Party with whose minor representatives I has been disputing for months past. I was happy to know at last for certain that the Jews is not a  German.

on the importance of a homogeneous nation…

When a state is composed of a homogenous population, the natural inertia of such a population will hold the state together and maintain its existence through astonishingly long periods of misgovernment and maladministration.

On his fate and destiny…

Why could i not have been born hundred years ago? I used to ask myself…. … Thus i used to think it as ill deserved stroke of luck that i arrived too late on this terrestrila globe and i felt chargined at the idea that my life sould have to run its course along peaceful and orderly lined. I as a boy i was anything but a pacifist and all attempts to make me so turned out futile. 

On Aryan race…

Every manifestation of human culture, every product of art, science, and techinical skill, which we see before our eyes today is almost exclusively the product of the Aryan the creative power. This very fact fully justifies the conclusion tha it was the Aryan alone who founded a superior type of humanity; therefore he represents the archtype of what we understand by the term: MAN.