Multiple Streams of Income

date Jun 4, 2007
authors Robert G. Allen
reading time 3 mins
  • Book Title: Multiple Streams of Income: How to generate a lifetime of unlimited wealth!
  • Author: Robert G. Allen
  • Year written/published: 2000
  • My Comment: This book is loaded with brilliant ideas. But i must admit, some were technical for me. I got the gist of it all and some lead ideas. It’s worth reading it again and again!

  • Contents page:
  1. easy money: financial freedom on a dollar a day
  2. 10 minute millionaire
  3. money tree formula: how to create lifelong streams of cash flow
  4. Mountain range of financial freedom: the 3 great money mountains
  5. 1st stream: success in stock markets - investing for idiots
  6. 2nd stream: accelerated stock strategies
  7. 3rd stream: how to multiply investment dollars
  8. 4th stream: winning big in real estate
  9. 5th stream: a fortune in foreclosures and floppers
  10. Real Estate Supercharger
  11. 6th stream: Huge profits by paying other people’s taxes
  12. 7th stream: Network marketing
  13. 8th stream: infopreneuring
  14. 9th stream: Licensing - Intellectual Property at warp speed
  15. 10th streamL the internet - your next fortune is only a click away
  16. Financial Fortress strategies: Shielding your Multiple Streams of Income
  17. Balancing Act
  18. Share it: leaving a legacy that outlives you

Some extracts:

Setting some specific and realistic financial goals…

  • Target: how much total money would you like to accumulate?
  • Amount: How many dollars a day can you squeeze out of your life?
  • Rate: What interest rate can you earn on your invested dollar?
  • Time: When would you life to reach your goal?
  • Purpose: What is your financial purpose?

Money Skill

  1. Value it
  2. Control it
  3. Save it


  • Multiple Streams of income
  • Outstanding
  • Nothing Down
  • Employee-Resistant
  • Yield
  • Trend and Timing
  • Residual
  • Essential to Everybody Everyday
  • Enthusiasm

Which kind of entrepreneur are you?

  • Intrapreneur Skills: To influence, to persuade, to lead
  • Extrapreneur Skills: To be creative, to entertain
  • Infopreneur Skills: To organise, to simplify, to teach
  • Autopreneur Skills: To analyse, to see hidden value to invest

3 great Mountains of Money

  1. Real Estate Mountain: Finding, Funding, Farming
  2. Investment Mountain: Screening and filtering, Timing in, Timing out
  3. Marketing Mountain: Internet, Network marketing, infopreneuring, licensing

Success in Stock Market p Investing for Idiots…

  1. The longer you invest, the lower your risk
  2. If you can’t eat them, Join them
  3. The sooner you buy, the richer you become

8 steps to increase traffic to your site

  1. use your email and website in all of your real-world advertising
  2. Register your website everywhere
  3. Join and post messages with newspaper
  4. rent email lists
  5. take advantage of free advertising
  6. use freelinks, link swaps, anner exchanges and cross promotions
  • Make use of paid adverstising online
  • use traditional offline direct-marketing techniques to drive customers online

21 tips…

  1. Remember that Time is Money
  2. Focus on the Critical Few
  3. Your must learn how to procrastinate
  4. Throw away your to-do list
  5. Reward yourself for doing the right things
  6. Do your Feared Things First
  7. Do a daily power hour
  8. Exercise
  9. Layer your activities
  10. Set specific goals for each income stream
  11. engage in scattered focus
  12. delegate
  13. Do it now
  14. Do a 4-quadrant test at least once a month: write down everything you did tat entire day and classify each activity under one of the 4 Routing things, Unexpected things, other people delegated to you, your dreams and goals…. this will leave you with surprise! If you’re not careful, the routine things, emergencies and other people’s monkeys will take up most of your time and this will leave you no time for working on your dreams.
  15. Learn to love the word NO
  16. Handle paper only once
  17. Do it wrong the first time
  18. Blitzzing
  19. Return and Review
  20. Challenge yourself daily
  21. Practise the speed of going slow