Organise your life

date Apr 23, 2008
authors Eisenberg, Kelly
reading time 1 min
  • Book Title: Organise Your Life - Free yourself from Clutter & find more personal time
  • Author: Roni Eisenberg with kate Kelly
  • Year written/published: 2007
  • Summary: Organising in all facets of life… Life, Household, Kitchen, Holidays, Traveling, Office… etc.
  • My Comments: Very useful book!
  • Some extracts:

Toss Every month:

  • ATM and Bank deposit slips
  • Credit Card receipts
  • Sale receipts and minor purchases

Toss after 2 years:

  • Monthly bank and credit card statements
  • monthly or quarterly brokerage and mutual fund statements after you’ve reconciled them with your year end reports
  • monthly mortgage statements
  • phone and utility bills
  • paycheck stubs after you’ve reconciled them with your annual tax filling

hold until sold:

  • confirmation slips for securities
  • real estate deeds
  • home improvement records

Retain for 7 years:

  • Tax filling
  • year end statement from credit card companies
  • phone and utility bills if you deduct for business expense
  • canceled checks and receipts’ statements for annual mortgage, interest and property taxes, deductible business expenses, child-care bills, out of pocket medical costs

keep indefinitely:

  • annual tax returns
  • year end statements from financial service companies
  • confirmation slips of purchase price of any investments you own
  • papers that indicate beneficiary designations

Clean office desk space…

  • blotter
  • telephone
  • cloc
  • calendar (if you use paper system)
  • address book (if you use paper system)
  • pencil holder
  • paper clip holder
  • stapler tape dispenser