The Story of my Life

date Mar 25, 2007
authors Helen Keller
reading time 1 min

I just finished reading  Helen Keller’s Autobiography. She wrote ‘The Story of My Life’ when she was only 22 and it was a great insight to the celebration of human mind. Helen Keller is an inspiration to all of us. She was taught by her teach Ann Sullivan on how to read  

So, how does one learn being a blind and deaf? This is what she wrote when she learnt to say her first word…

No deaf child who has earnestly tried to speak the words which he has never heard - to come out of the prison of silence, where no tone of love, no song of bord, no strain of music ever pirces the stillness - can forget the thrill of surprise, the joy of discovery which cam over him when he uttered his first word.

 And another beautiful words… it tells me how blessed i am…

It seems to me that there is in each of us a capacity to comprehend the impressions and emotions which have been experienced by mankind from the beginning. Each individual has a sub conscious memory of the green earth and murmurring watersm, and blindness and deafness cannot rob him of this gift from past generations.

I want to read her other autobiographies too. 

May Helen Keller be an inspiration for all of us and may every teacher get his inspiration from the persistence and true desire to apart knowledge to their student like that of Ann Sullivan.