Whale Done

date Oct 28, 2008
authors Blanchard, Lacinak, Tompkins, Ballard
reading time 1 min
  • Book Title: Whale Done! The Power of Positive Relationships
  • Author: Ken Blanchard, Thad Lacinak, Chuck Tompkins, Jim Ballard
  • Year written/published: 2002
  • Summary: Making positive relationships with people around us with lessons learnt from the whales!
  • Some extracts:

  • accentuate the positives
  • build trust
  • when mistakes occur, redirect the energy

The ABC’s of Performance:

  • A = Activator, whatever gets performance going
  • B =  Behaviour, The performance that occurs
  • C = Consequences, Your response to the performance

Redirection of responses…

  • describe the error or problem as soon as possible, clearly and without blame
  • show its negative impact
  • if appropraite, take the blame for not making the task clear
  • Go over the task in detail and make sure it is clearly understood
  • express your continuing trust and confidence in the person

never assume you know what motivates a person